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September 5, 2007

Cathy Bourdon is bright, cheerful, energetic and very patient. She adapted easily to our requirements and taught us how to sign our selections of conversational sentences. However, she still held us to the discipline required to learn the language: letters & numbers first, since they form the basis of most full-word signs. For our lessons, she provided pictorial representations of each new sentence and allowed us to video-record her signing each sentence for later review. Signs frequently include movement which drawings donít convey.

She has a very good depth in sign language ... itís her working language. She uses it every day and has for decades, using a few variants. The advantage of this is that she can explain the nuances of related signs and can focus more on the ones that are more commonly used. She is hearing impaired, but can follow a spoken conversation through sound and lip-reading, a great comfort factor to those with hearing. This also means that she can appreciate and guide students through the grammatical differences between spoken language and sign language, which helps both hearing and hearing-impaired students to understand the otherís conventions.

With Cathy, we joke, we laugh ... we have a good time. If youíd like a reference from us, feel free to contact us through Cathy.

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David & Susan

August 20, 2007

I enjoy Cathy's sense of humor and patience. I have learned a lot of sign language from her lessons in a short amount of time. I encourage anyone who is considering taking lessons with Cathy, to do so. There fun!


August 14, 2007


I liked the way you teach, first of all you very patient. You are good at what you do and know how. And you have a good way of showing how to do it . After all you are an expert.
Maria & Joey

August 15, 2007

I have had the pleasure of working with Cathy Bourdon several times and I'm to say that aside from her hard work. She is also professional, dedicated and easy to work with a humorous atmosphere!

Her warm and friendly attitude makes her a joy to have around.

I recommend her highly!!

Mana Balos

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